MoodJam is a website that allows users to record their moods and share them with friends and family. Users record their moods with words and color combinations, which are visualized as color strips. The site serves as a mood diary for users to reflect on trends of their moods and on colors they associate with specific moods. The site also serves as an awareness tool for users to keep in touch with friends and family.

Visit the web site and sign up to start using the system.

Information Visualization

In Spring 2007, I explored different visualizations that show the richness of information recorded by members of MoodJam.

Google Gadget

The My MoodJam Google Gadget received two Google Gadget Awards, "Prettiest gadget" and "Gadget most likely to get you a date", in December 2006.

Check out an example usage of the My MoodJam Google Gadget.